More money saving

The first 20 years of my adult life had me convinced that is was good to never have to borrow anything. On some subconscious level I probably felt smart or accomplished for being able to afford anything I ever needed (even if I knew I would only use it once). I also liked being the guy who could help out a friend or neighbor in any situation. Oddly, I had an issue with borrowing something from anyone else- I just couldn’t do it. I used to be able stand in the center of my garage and count the thousands of dollars in tools and equipment that were used for one simple job then put on display in hopes someone would need it.

We’ve been on the path to simple living for a few years now and my attitude has changed toward borrowing. It was not easy at first; several times I found myself digging for my wallet just to buy what I needed. I’m well past that now. Turns out, my friends and neighbors take just as much pleasure in being the “go to guy” as I do. Growing into a humble man that can accept help with as much enthusiasm as when he gives it was a huge step for me.

Funny how I’ve learned that being more “self sufficient” has very little in common with “doing everything yourself”. Cheers to my friends and neighbors.

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