Own a vehicle old enough to deserve a name.

Fifteen years and a couple hundred thousand miles will show the developing personality of your trusty set of wheels. Meet, “Flo”. Originally purchased from a alfalfa farmer she was surprisingly straight. My son and I spent a couple days removing someone else’s failed attempt at dressing her up. Plastic mud guards and the usual assortment of JC Whitney add-ons topped with pin striping sure dated the truck. Finished with a color sand and buffing of the original paint she came back to the original bright white Ford intended. (Luckily, we found people willing to pay for the things we took off. Love Craigslist!)

“Flo” is short for “flowing oil freely”. She is quite happy leaving her version of a breadcrumb trail to find home again. Over time I have deduced my leaky gremlin to live under what is referred to as the high pressure oil pump. $1000+ fix at the dealer, $500-600 to do correctly myself. So far I have opted for a scrap sheet of plywood in her parking spot to soak up the offending oil. Most likely this will stay the course until it becomes a drivability issue. There just always seems to be something more important fighting for our dollars. Besides, what good is a name like “Flo” for a truck that doesn’t leak?

A new model outfitted the same runs about $55000, carries an annual registration fee of $800 plus a couple thousand dollars per year for insurance.

We have @$9400 invested in Flo. Registration for 5 years was a total of $162 and insurance runs $500 annually.

She can carry the same weight (albeit slower) and gets better fuel mileage getting to the same places than the new expensive model. No, she doesn’t have that intoxicating new truck smell or a smooth, squeak free ride. The longer I live my life without a truck payment; those things matter less and less to me.

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